Many months ago, Dudley and I decided we wanted to go camping. For a long time. In a van.

Where to go?  Who knows? What van?  I ain’t campin in the Prius, I’ll tell you.

Dudley’s college reunion got us started.  Well, if we’re heading all the way to New York, we should probably head to Graceland.  And if we’re in Memphis, we should probably go to the independent bookstore in Nashville that Ann Patchett started. And shouldn’t we get there via the Blue Ridge Parkway?  That’s lovely…  And if we’re on the Parkway, we might as well veer towards Charlotte, NC, where Laura has friends.  And neither of us has been to New Mexico, and, don’t Texas WalMarts allow campers in their parking lot overnight?–I want to camp at a WalMart!! oh, come ON! When will we ever do that?!–and, golly, our friends Laura and James lives in Telluride, and I bet that road to Durango is something special, and look at this! — There’s a monastery that we could stay at overnight and the monks brew beer!  and have you been to Bishop?  Me either….and    and…

Thus was a trip born.

Although neither of us is a big fan of social media, Laura wanted to stretch her tech wings and try blogging.

So we will blog, and you are welcome to read along and comment.  It will be a mess in the beginning, but it’ll get better.

You might think, from the above itinerary, that we actually have a plan. We don’t. The only thing we know is that we are going to the reunion. The rest is up for grabs, dependent on the whims of the weather and our impetuous youth.  Neither of us knows what to expect over the next 5 weeks, but it’s sure to be memorable, and we’ll do our best to bring you along wherever the van takes us.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey,, so glad that stop to Charlotte is on the ‘sort of’ itenerary!!!! (Sp?) (I ain’t no English teacher!:). Can’t wait to hug some necks after 10 years! Safe travels. 😘

  2. FYI, I hav it on good authority from my mom that the Walmart here in Eugene, OR allows campers to stay overnight in their parking lots…

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