Making Up Band Names

What do we do to keep ourselves entertained for nine hours on the road?  We listen to country radio, drink seltzers, roll through small towns and ask, “could we live here?”, make up band names, and do this:


7 thoughts on “Making Up Band Names

  1. Who in the world else could make driving 9 hours look SO fun?! You guys rock and are some of the darned cutest people i know!!

    Laura, you stay out of that fast lane girl. I enjoyed watching the cars pass you. Lol!!!

    • It was SUPER fun to make. I know, I know: I was really taxing my multi-tasking skills driving AND shaking an egg. Turns out that the van itself starts to shake at about 70mph so I had to keep it under that!

  2. Most awesome blog post EVER!!!

    Did you hear me clapping at the end of the song from my living room? Loved, loved, loved.

  3. Loved the song, loved the driver rocking along to the cute lead singer, and laughed when I saw the RV passing the little ole van! Thanks for all the posts — so fun to read your fabulous writing, Miss Laura!
    Miss you guys…..

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