Greetings from sunny Wells Gray Provincial Park in Clearwater, BC, home of the 4th largest of BC’s provincial parks!

Our original plan was to stay in the Jasper area until Sunday but this rain nonsense is getting old. We are fair-weather campers. The Canadians, on the other hand, have no problem sitting outside, jacket-bedecked, in the cold drizzle drinking Labatts Blue around a smoky campfire. They are tough. We made the best of it—walking around town, dinner at Jasper Brewing Company (good beer!), breakfast at Coco’s, and a stop at Jasper’s fancy Fairmont Resort to see if we could break into the hot tub area (we couldn’t), but we decided that we needed to leave for warmer climes.

So we did. Said goodbye to the nicest, most helpful park rangers EVER and headed south along Canada’s Yellowhead Highway. Creepers—it is stunning! Reminds us both of the CA Sierras (but with much bigger mountains, fewer towns and bigger vistas).

It is a Friday, and we have found a terrific campground where all the sites are private and wooded. We have sat in the sun playing guitar and reading books, watching a few clouds drift overhead. (recall: this far north, the sun sets late in the summer). The campground is filling up with weekend warriors. If you car camp, you know the drill: scream into a non-reserve campground, get a fee envelope, do a first pass, write down all the sites that look good—is it flat? is it too near the bathroom? is there another site too close?— do a second pass if need be, and then come to a screeching halt in your space for the night. Beer in hand, we are watching folks do their own scream around the grounds and settle. We also notice that it is always the men who back up the rig and the women who guide, walking backwards, hands in the “keep coming, lots of room” motion, with an occasional, “Swing right. No. Other right.” and then yell, STOP, STOP, STOP            !

Next stop: we head for the border and camp in Washington, probably in Okanogan National Forest. Canada has been wonderful; we have a better understanding of our Canadian friends in the US—they are the nicest people. The entire country seems to breed lovely people. They certainly have some of the more gorgeous scenery in North America. We are so glad we decided to detour towards Canada.

We jump for joy at the sun; Dudley once again has use for his resort wear!


5 thoughts on “Hurrah!

  1. Wowee!!!!! i didn’t know you could jump so high, laura; i’m impressed. happy that you guys are
    having a good time and can find the sunshine. much love, mom alias Y

  2. Love the photo, so you. Glad you both found some sun and have left the soggy camping to the others. The sun came out here today also. Sun-worshipers unite!

  3. On our trip up North we found that the Alaskans and Candians were about the nicest people ever. Even people at airport security if you can believe it! The boys have decided that they want to live in Canada when they grow up. I don’t know if they truly appreciate the winter weather implication…..

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