Caribou, Mud and Mosquitos!


[We’re too cheap to pay for cellular service in Canada so we are reliant on free wifi where we can find it, hence the lag in postings. ]

We stayed two more nights at Waterfowl Lakes campground. There is lots to see through the clouds and rain and intermittent sun. We hiked around Bow Lake to see the glacier up close and the falls pouring off it. On the way back we fast-walked-it to the van in a failed attempt to beat the rain. We got a little soggy. After returning to our campsite to dry off and regroup, we took the hike-of-the-day to Chephren Lake. Mosquitos! And mud. But it was worth it. The lake was that beautiful green color that all the lakes seem to be.

Because the next day was a traveling day, there were alarm-setting negotiations. Dudley wanted to wake up at 6am. Laura was appalled and figured he was joking. He wasn’t. He laid out his logic: it’s 100 miles to Jasper. It’s a Thursday, the beginning of the weekend when campsites are more difficult to come by. There’s a lot to see! He sweetened the deal: Maybe we can stop along the way!   We compromised to 6:30.

Dudley was awake at 6:00 staring hard at Laura. She refused to budge. We tried to break camp as quietly as possible out of respect for our sleeping neighbors. Then Dudley honked the horn with his head while reaching for his shoes on the driver’s side floor. Oops. Laura was appalled again.

Onward to travel the rest of the Icefields Parkway. It was glorious. The vistas went on forever, and we saw our first big animal: 2 caribou!

We did, indeed, find a good campsite for 3 nights just outside of the town of Jasper. Yesterday two bears wandered through the campground; we hope to see one! (from far away!)

The theme of this vacation has been…. rain. Because of a nearby forest fire, there has been a campfire ban that everyone says will be lifted soon due to the recent rain.   Hope so; it’s cold. We are in a café waiting out the rain, but soon will be putting on our appropriate all-weather clothing and heading out for a hike. Or…go to the local historical museum. Or go see Terminator at the 2-movie-plex. Or head to the Jasper Fairmont for drinks. This is the fun.

Crow on Icefields


5 thoughts on “Caribou, Mud and Mosquitos!

  1. Your photos are just stunning. And your sense of humor is wonderful. I laugh out loud when reading the blog. It is the highlight of my inbox.

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