400 Miles to Sandpoint, Idaho


We cannot out-think the weather. We give in. After all that gnashing of teeth and wringing of maps last night, The Answer came at 8:30am in front of the Shell Gas Station in Estacada, OR: Enough of this meandering around; we need to get to ID asap so we can hang out in that part of the world. Most people would decide where they are going before they leave on vacation; we do that, too; we just do it the first 30 minutes at the start of every day.

Our friends our very flexible: Sherry in Idaho was expecting us next week sometime. We text her at 9:00am and ask if we could show up at 5. Sure, she says. What a trooper. Travel vision completed, we earn our coffee and tea at Barbara’s Flower Shop and Café in downtown Estacada.

We settle in for a 3-state driving day: OR, WA, ID (Laura got to drive! View the photographic evidence!). We follow the Columbia River to the town of Hood River where we unexpectedly stumble onto the start of the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer charity event. Almost 200 kiteboarders fly around with only a few tangles and wipe-outs.

We head back to the van and continue to follow the Columbia River past the John Day and The Dalles dams, feats of engineering that, in the case of The Dalles, flooded the longest continuously inhabited settlement in North America (15,000 years).

We arrive in Sagle, Idaho at the home of Sherry. Oh, we both have a wonderful history with her. As the history and ESL department chair at Half Moon Bay High School, she hired Laura in 1990 and, a few years later, hired Dudley. (Sherry would say that she spent several years hiring competent, attractive men for then-single Laura. She hit the jackpot with Dudley.) After retirement, she and her family moved to Idaho. It’s so great to see her!We and van rest under big skies, glittering aspens, and warm quilts.Driving


One thought on “400 Miles to Sandpoint, Idaho

  1. All those kites managing to stay untangled (for the most part). Amazing. And what good timing you both had to happen on them.

    Laura, was driving all that you hoped it would be? 😉

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