Hallelujah for Sun!


The rain did not stop. We did not have that campfire. We are kinda done with Crater Lake.

In the car by 7:12am. Back to the Lodge. Do we go east or north? Check the weather. What does the radar say? Go north! So be it.

We snake our way along the stunning Cascade Lakes Highway (big shout out to PHK for that suggestion!), hook around Mt. Bachelor and head for Bend. SUN! We almost weep. We cruise around Bend. What a nice town, and the surroundings are so lovely and perfect for all sorts of outdoor activity. Could we live here?

Dudley clearly needs supervision when he outfits for a trip, as he packed as one who is taking a resort trip to Thailand: shorts and t-shirts. Warm hat? Fleece? Long underwear? Nah.   So we find an REI in Bend and outfit him with the clothing he already owns 700 miles south of here. He is now the proud owner of at least 4 pairs of long underwear that have been gathered from various trips because, as he says, “this always happens.”

As we are walking back to the car with our purchases, he notices a Gap. “Hey! I only brought one pair of jeans. I can always use more.” So in we go. We are out in 6 minutes and onto a fabulous lunch downtown before bidding adieu to Bend. So much for roughing it.

From Bend, we drive through the town of Sisters with its impending weekend quilting festival. Although the three Sisters Mountains’ 10,000+ height are somewhat obscured by clouds, we can tell they are majestic. We follow the Santiam River through lush gorgeousness (and a few areas devastated by fire. The West is so burned up. At this writing, there are at least 9 fires blazing in OR and WA). We picked up the Clackamas River and felt lucky to get the last site at the Rainbow Campground in the Mount Hood National Forest.

The weather has held wonderfully tonight, we have watched vultures circle overhead and took a nice trail walk along a tributary of the Clackamas. There has been reading and guitar playing by the river.

Where we go next is dependent solely on the weather. We have a rough plan for going north (Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier) or east (beeline for Glacier). We will find internet access tomorrow morning and decide. Onward!Trubador


4 thoughts on “Hallelujah for Sun!

  1. Clackamas…what a fun word to say. Clackamas.

    Lisa loves quilts. So comfy.

    Sherm loves Dad’s flannel shirt. So comfy. (He left it home for a reason. :D)

  2. Y’all are the cutest darn couple! Just love hearing all about the big adventure. Good luck w the weather. Stay safe

  3. Big fires up here in British Columbia and Jasper too. We were pretty much smoked out of here yesterday morning. Also hot. Dudley’s resort wear would work fine here.

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