Rain, Wedding Bells, Craters, and Nutcrackers

WizardKind of done with Lassen.

24 hours ago:

Fixing dinner under a tarp, duct taped over the back van doors, as the rain pelted down upon our little cul de sac in the tightly-packed Lassen campground. Wet dirt and pine needles on the sheets. Note to selves: some sort of rubberized doormat needs to be purchased. It’s wrong to be mad at the rain, but now is not a fun time.

We needed to change channels and get out of the Lassen.

We headed northward at the crack of dawn, stopping at JJ’s Café in Old Station, CA for breakfast, drove through the horrible devastation of the Hat Creek fire in 2014 and through meadows and farming equipment, cows and horses. We stopped at the WalMart Superstore in Klamath Falls for a few essentials – lighter fluid, a bell pepper, couple bananas, and a doormat. Never seen so many funny- looking people.   Rain spit on us, and we knew the weather called for scattered thunderstorms. There are only two campgrounds at Crater Lake. Dudley, concerned always for our accommodations, fretted. Lunch was eaten in the car: nuts and seeds.

We entered Crater Lake in the late afternoon. It has all worked out: Crater Lake is stunning. The kind of stunning that makes you catch your breath and almost weep for its beauty and serenity: an aqua that must be found mostly off South Pacific shores or in a Bombay Sapphire bottle. As we walked along the rim of the crater, ooh-ing and ahhing, we passed a couple just as he handed her a small jewelry box, she opened it, and said yes.

Tonight, we write with drinks from the balcony of the Crater Lake Lodge, which overlooks Crater Lake. The crater was created when a 12,000 foot volcano exploded 7700 years ago. The breeze is gentle, the balcony solemn and uncrowded, and the appetizers reinvigorating. Clark’s Nutcatcher birds preen. Someone on the balcony spotted an eagle over the lake. Our campsite, despite being with 200 others, is exceptionally private and quiet. The weather has held, and we see stars. Tonight has been our first campfire. Laura got her inner geek on and went to the ampitheater to hear Ranger Brian discuss to what extent climate change is affecting Crater Lake, its water, flora and fauna. (Spoiler alert: It may be.)

The Fun is still fun when the weather is bad, but it’s so much more fun when it’s not.

We love Crater Lake. We are never leaving.

(Forgive our odd posting hours; finding internet access is challenging.)

bird wizard


4 thoughts on “Rain, Wedding Bells, Craters, and Nutcrackers

  1. So unbelievably beautiful. Glad you are having a relaxing evening after subsisting on seeds and nuts for lunch.

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