We’re downsizing!


Here we go again!  Pretty much the moment we returned from last year’s 10,000 mile epic round-the-US-in-a-van trip, we knew we would take to the road again.

We weren’t really sure where we would go, and, frankly, we still aren’t, but it started with Laura asking Dudley about places he drove last year that he wouldn’t mind seeing again.  Idaho, Montana, and Washington all came to mind. Then there was the slightly drunken email to our friend Sherry in Idaho: “Can we visit?”  Sure! she said.  And a trip was born. Our friend Barbara mentioned something about Burgess Shale. Laura looked it up: astounding dinosaur fossils!? GREAT!  Let’s go there. Good grief! — It’s in Canada; get the passports!  We ordered a 2015 Rand McNally Atlas and started looking at those green dotted roads that signify Gorgeous Beyond Belief, and we were hooked.

So we are heading out again, minimizing our world into a tricked out Ford Econoline van. The blessed pet sitter has been booked, the quesadilla flaps bought in quantity.  We looked at the weather. Did you know it was 104 in Boise last week?  Us either.  We are scared, but not deterred.

We decided to continue the blog, and you are welcome to join us and comment as we traverse the Northwest and visit our friendly neighbors to the north for the next 3 weeks.

Get in the van; here we go!


13 thoughts on “We’re downsizing!

  1. Weather broke today and the temps dropped to the normal 80’s. I have suggestions for British Columbia, which is a bit over an hour from here. See you when you get to God’s country!

  2. Have a great trip. BE safe if your driving back from British Columbia you know where we are… Love to you both.

  3. Open-ended, “further” trips are the best–especially (I can only imagine this one) in a painted bus. I look forward to reading the posts. You two are welcome to stay with us in San Mateo on your way back home!

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