This blog comes to you from Cowboy’s Buffet and Steak Room at Ruby’s Inn, a frightening multiplex of fudgi-ness: gift shop, post office, grocery, dinner-and-a-show, souvenir shop, three restaurants, cabins, car rental, liquor store, laundromat, foreign currency exchange, art gallery, and RV park.

Here’s what we know about Utah and liquor: it’s illegal to sell alcohol without food. So we sit in this hilarious place with Dudley’s 4% beer (‘full strength’ can only be purchased from state liquor stores) and our weird salads.

Utah, despite its liquor laws, just keeps getting better and better. First light found us back in the van screaming down scenic highway 12. On the advice of our Moab camp host, we made a beeline for Red Canyon Campground. What a find! Quiet, private, with a wonderful view of steep red cliffs.

Although Bryce is packed with people and busses, we eluded them by taking one of the longer hikes available. We were rewarded with few people and other-worldy, pastel monoliths called ‘hoodoos.’ Best hike of the trip so far!



3 thoughts on “Hoodoos

  1. Love the photos of the Hoodoos. So cool!

    My mom’s aunt Pearl was the family rebel and owned a club where members could enjoy an alcoholic beverage while being out on the town. In other words, she owned a bar where you paid membership dues. Things have relaxed a bit since then.

  2. wow, that’s a place i missed and i would have loved being there. why do
    they call them Hoodoos??? i’m sure Dudley will be glad to be home, if only for the easily attainable beer. mom

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