Rocky Mountain High


Since we crossed into Colorado, Dudley has been humming John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High.” Altitude has been very good to us!

After a lovely morning at the car show in Durango, we took the Million Dollar Highway to Ouray to meet our friends Laura and James and their two fabulous kiddos. Dudley drove and he will have to take my word for it that the Highway was gorgeous; he was only allowed to look at the road, what with its 1000 foot drop offs and no guardrails: “Oh my goodness–what a phenomenal view–DON’T YOU LOOK! HUG THE YELLOW LINE!” I am a nervous passenger.

We had to ditch the van and take Laura and James’ 4-wheel drive truck to a remote, off the grid cabin at ~ 10,000 feet elevation. A gourmet party ensued: the entire cabin, outdoor kitchen, and pizza oven were built with, as Fletcher, the owner, remarked, “friends with hammers and beers.” When we first arrived, it snowed. Really. Then the sun came out and a spectacular sunset ensued. I have to take Dudley’s word for it that the sunset was gorgeous, as I was engaged in a conversation with two local farmers about the challenges of raising cattle in the mountains.


Under Laura and James’ guidance and generous hospitality, we hiked, drank, ate, meandered, and gondola’d our way through a terrific 2 days. Telluride is idyllic: the kids ride their bikes, unsupervised, all over. The town is super-walkable from one side to the other, and there are stunning mountain views in every direction. We left reluctantly.


4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. I am laughing so hard (I have tears in my eyes) at your comment about being a nervous passenger and not letting Dudley take his eyes from the road.

  2. I remember driving that road from ouray to Durango and it is one of a kind! So glad you got to do that. So glad u had so much fun in telluride w friends!! What an amazing trip you are having!!

  3. Oh, cabin off the grid. That’s my fantasy getaway place. Must have porch and a river. Okay, doesn’t exist.

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