If you are a faithful reader of the blog, you will understand what we mean when we say we were ‘fudgies’ today. After driving for two long days, we are excited to slow down our pace. After departing the Lord of the Flies campground, we drove to Taos along The Enchanted Circle, stopping for breakfast in Eagle’s Nest at the Cowboy Cafe.

We spent the day in Taos on the historic plaza ducking into every other shop and enjoying a civilized lunch in a courtyard amid poppies, lavenders, yarrow, and peony bushes. Tony and Mabel, two delightful cats who inhabit the Moby Dickens bookstore, made us feel welcome. We got our ‘cat fix’ while browsing. Dudley took a few pictures…. Can you spot Mabel?

Neither of us has been to New Mexico, and the landscape, the cumulus clouds, the light, and the mountains and high plains are riveting and majestic. But we won’t become townies here soon: it feels a bit hemmed in and away from ‘things.’ But we are so glad to be here now.

PS. We calculated tonight that, from Dudley’s Day 1 until today, the van has traveled 7600 miles. Today was our shortest driving day: about 100 miles.


3 thoughts on “Fudgies

  1. I am a faithful reader of your blog, why don’t I know what “fudgies” are? *going back to re-read the past blog entries*

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