Kicks on Route 66

(Apologies for late posting; we tend to camp in places that have no internet access. Today’s post comes to you via a lovely outdoor lunch spot in Taos, NM.)

We hit Route 66, intending to make our way across the rest of Oklahoma, all of the Texas panhandle, and up into New Mexico’s high plains.

We avoided a shoot out in Amarillo that closed a highway in Texas, and bypassed the more popular Route 66 attraction, Cadillac Ranch, for Bug Ranch, which has 5 graffiti’d VW Bugs nose-down in the dirt. Eventually, we headed off Route 66 at Bushland, Texas and headed into the industrial farming towns of Dalhart and Clayton, where the steel dairy tanks reigned over the high plains landscape and created the towns. As soon as we crossed the border into New Mexico, the farms disappeared; they can’t compete with the lax Texan environmental and tax laws.

We landed at Cimarron Canyon State Park. It was full of wild pre-teen boys doing their best Lord of the Flies imitation: pushing, shoving, drinking Monster Energy drinks, and threatening to “tell mom!!” Luckily we got a site on the opposite end of the campground. Our neighbors, introduced as “Hi, we’re Dave and Pam from Kansas City” invited us over to view the riotous group of 8 hummingbirds that swarmed their two feeders. It was quite a show.


Kicks on Route 66

One thought on “Kicks on Route 66

  1. i must admit, you two have been in a very unusual USA. :>)))))))) i’m
    very anxious to hear what it was like…do you see/feel a difference??

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