Hobo’s Lullaby



Checked out of the Peabody and onto the road by 7am. The weather cooperated today. A few passing down pours in the morning but we made good time. Passed through Little Rock and Arklahoma (what the locals call the area of western AR and eastern OK). Oklahoma is Indian Territory, the last stop on the Trail of Tears. Cherokee, Seminole, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Arapaho, Muscogee, Chickasaw, Kickapoo and many others were relocated here by the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

We stopped in Okemah, OK to pay respects to Woody Guthrie. Befitting the man is a humble little park in the center of town: small statue, lovely murals, unassuming. We sat in that quiet, flower-filled park. A stark contrast to what we saw yesterday at Graceland.

After 9 hours of driving, we pulled up to the favorite campsite of the trip so far: Fort Cobb in Oklahoma. We are on a lake, the only ones here. Almost-full moon, fish jumping, geese cruising, hungry swallows trolling for plentiful bugs. The occupants rest in our little boxcar.

Now don’t you worry ’bout tomorrow
Let tomorrow come and go
Tonight you’re in a nice warm boxcar
Safe from all that wind and snow

— Woody Guthrie, “Hobo’s Lullaby”




4 thoughts on “Hobo’s Lullaby

  1. I almost missed the picture of you in the lower corner of the mural on the wall. Perfect song for y’all right now. Sleep well.

  2. oh my goodness, i totally forgot about Woodie Guthrie; he was a big part of
    my life. i can’t believe that the nicest campsite is in Oklahoma – good for
    them. Enjoy the lake. mom

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