Volunteer Bonanza

Greetings! We write tonight from inside the van. It’s pouring rain outside, complete with thunder and lightning. More to come as the night rolls on. But we are toasty–and a little hot and sweaty; I prefer to think we are ‘poaching’–inside the Partridge van.

It was a driving day today, from Asheville to Tims Ford State Campground outside Winchester, TN, so we have no pictures. Visualize gorgeous rolling hills; this is beautiful country. We are astounded and in awe. But here, for your pleasure, are signs we saw, observations we made, or country song lines we heard:

Sign in front of someone’s house: Prayer will get you to heaven; trespassing here will get you there sooner.

Veteran’s Hero Happy Hours: 12-7pm

Conversation at a stoplight with 2 guys in a truck:
Him: “Y’all from California?”
Dudley: “Yea.”
Him: “Where?”
Dudley: “South of San Francisco.”
Him: “I’m from Venice Beach.”

Big smiles, thumbs up all around, hardy laughs. Light turns green and we drive away. Hmmm. He is SO not from Venice Beach. We are fools.

Advertisement: Captain D’s clam strip. (What IS a clam strip?)

Gas costs $3.16 in TN

Sign on I-40: Buckle up, y’all. It’s the law.

Sign around a mountain curve: Falling rocks. Defacement of sign: Falling in love rocks.

Song lyric: “God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.”

Goodnight from the Volunteer State!


6 thoughts on “Volunteer Bonanza

  1. Love that song, love that line. Sent an email to my dad after hearing it for the first time as I knew he would love it! Happy trails….

  2. Girl. I don’t know. That’s a good question. I’ve always only eaten them fried so I never thought about the difference. But they are all stretched out and long and deep fried and salty and delicious!

  3. Tennessee sounds like a wonderful place…:>)))))))) i loved the sign outside
    the house about “trespassing”. The other signs are good, too. I think the
    people have a great sense of humor!!! I hope the storms stop soon for you.
    Keep on trucken. xo mom

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