My Skidmore

Greetings! Laura, here.
If you don’t know, Dudley’s college time at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY was a pivotal time for him: fun, eye-opening, world-widening, friend-making. It’s a place that, years later, just make him smile when he walks on campus. It is home. Life has moved on, but that time period is memorable and has helped make him who he is.

North Carolina is like that for me. It is my Skidmore. I spent a year in NC and a year in GA in my late 20s. I was immersed in a life that was radically different–geographically, politically, religiously, food-wise, language-wise–than my CA upbringing. I stopped reading fiction for that year because the people I met and the things I experienced couldn’t be bested by the best creative writers.

I met and was adopted by people who remain in my life today and who I have been fortunate to visit on this trip. They are as gracious and welcoming and hilarious now as they were 20 years ago when a young woman with a one-way ticket from CA showed up knowing no one and nothing.

So Dudley and I had breakfast in the Banner Elk Cafe and the waitresses still call everyone “Hon” and use “y’all” ubiquitously, and I called Bob and Marty, who spirited me into their family all those years ago but who I hadn’t spoken with in 20 years, and who welcomed me back with a, “Can you come over now?” and left me with a “We are so privileged to see you again.” And before the Partridge van came to a complete stop in a manicured Charlotte subdivision driveway, I jumped out and Deb leapt up from the porch and even though we hadn’t seen each other in 10 years, it didn’t matter, and Anna-Louise, Deb’s mom, came over with a passel of home-baked cookies for our trip and a picture frame. She said, “Let’s take a picture with you, me and Deborah. Then you can put it in the frame so you won’t forget your time in the South.” As if I could ever forget.


My Skidmore

5 thoughts on “My Skidmore

  1. Absolutely loved having you here. You filled our home and hearts with joy and you take a piece of my heart with you as you leave. So happy for your many adventures together. Thank you for making us one of your stops. It was our pleasure to put you up and fill up your ‘love tanks’ and send you on your way. There is nothing like your ‘bosom buddy’ friends! Tears of joy and tears of sadness … Love to you. ❤️

  2. Wow, the reunion brought tears to my eyes. I remember Laura’s time in
    Banner Elk and i remember being so thankful because there were wonderful
    friends who were looking after my Laura. I send a very big hello to Bob and Marty and a big thank you for looking after my daughter. Hello to my Deborah and her family. It’s been a long time since we saw each other. I send my love to all of you. When are you coming out to Calif. again???

    Well, Laura and Dudley, I know you’re having a great time. I wish you good
    weather, happy times and wonderful adventures. Take care. love, mom

  3. Whoops, forgot. i just printed the photo of the 2 of you and it’s on the refrig
    so I can look at the 2 beautiful girls!!!! xo mom

  4. I was in Saratoga Springs for a few days about 20 years ago, and thought it was one of the loveliest, liveliest, elegant towns, in New England (okay, almost New England). Lucky Dudley–and close to those radical women of Bennington.😜

  5. Hi Miss Yvonne! I miss you. It was good to catch up with Laura regarding you!!! Hopefully one of these days we can make it west.
    The hardest part of Laura’s visit was saying goodbye and not knowing when we would see each other again.
    I still have the beautiful afghan that you knitted for my babies.

    Much love! ❤️

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