Greetings! Laura, here.

Should we take Heider, a Skidmore classmate of Dudley’s, to his aunt’s horse farm in Ghent, NY? Sure, why not.

Should we take time to tour her horse farm and see the 10 day old fillie? Sure, why not?

Should we head to the town of Hudson, like Heider’s aunt suggested, and sit in the plaza? Sure, why not?

Should we find a campsite for the night? We’re tired from the weekend and can’t make it to Pennsylvania. Sure, why not? (There’s an app for campsites!)

How about this site on the lake at Little Pond Campground in the Catskills. I see jumping fish, and abundance of trees, gorgeous views, and only 3 other campers. Sure, why not?

How about a run in the mountains and a left turn and –wow! 1000′ climb to Beaverkill Vista? Sure, why not?

(Is that poison ivy? I sure hope not.)

Shall we get lost on the run and return to camp at 7:30? Sure, why not?

Gettysburg is on our way to North Carolina. Should we stop at the national military site and take a tour? Sure, why not?

How about a campsite at the William Houck campground in Maryland? Sure, why not?

So we’re on a “Sure, why not?” adventure. Frankly, most of my days are 0% “Sure, why not?” It’s great to wing it.

Onward to the Blue Ridge Parkway tomorrow!


Two Days of 100% “Sure, why not?”

7 thoughts on “Two Days of 100% “Sure, why not?”

  1. Love your attitude! Though, I too, sure hope that was not poison oak. I saw another of the vans today, this one was the Jimi Hendrix version. Just as you predicted, I am seeing them now because of yours.

    • It’s true! Those vans are everywhere at home. Trust me: we haven’t seen anything like it out here! We register at state campgrounds and the receptionist asks us for license, make and model and then asks, “color?” and we all 3 turn towards the van. We shrug. “Pick one” we say.

  2. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOJA SLATKA. your trip sounds wonderful;
    just stay away from poison oak!!!! i hope you have a very special day today.
    i will toast you and dudley tonight and keep on truggin’ love to you both.

  3. Your attitude is priceless and I would assume totally necessary on a journey like yours! Must be such a refreshing break from bells ringing every 50 minutes instructing you where you need to be! Keep on truckin’!

  4. Love it, I’ll try to mimic you for the next week…”Sure, why not?!” Although you’ve always been better at that line than me! Glad you are having fun….!

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