Saratoga Springs!

I made it! I rolled into Saratoga Springs about mid-day today. It’s great to be back at Skidmore. It’s changed a lot but I can’t wipe this smile off my face since I got here. The weather couldn’t be better. It’s a beautiful blue sky, puffy cloud day. The first thing I did after I registered and cleaned myself up was find a car wash for the van. I splurged and went for the $15 deluxe scrub. The Minnesota bug stains and Montana dust are gone.

Last night I had fantastic evening with Nana and Aunt Ann. Gin & tonics and Virginia peanuts at Nana’s followed by a delicious three course meal. My first real food in over a week. As I was recounting my trip and talking about seeing all the Great Lakes, Nana told us about the time in 1933 when she and her family took a boat to Chicago for the World’s Fair. The Wegman family (of the Wegman’s supermarket chain) was aboard. I never knew that. Ann didn’t either.

I spent my first night out of the van and and slept like a log at Aunt Ann’s until Nell, Ann’s springer spaniel, saw a rabbit outside and went bonkers at 6am. After coffee, OJ, and a banana for the road, I was off.

The drive to Saratoga was pretty. I started off on route 96 to Route 5 & 20 and went through the little historic towns of Victor, Phelps, Waterloo, and Seneca Falls. It’s so lush and green and scenic around here with all the sagging red barns and silos that look like stacks of ritz crackers. After I awhile I got antsy to get there and jumped on the thruway.

Reunion weekend is just starting. It’s great to bump into classmates I haven’t seen in 25 years. We are all reverting back to the late 1980’s. I’m picking up Laura at the Albany airport on Saturday afternoon. Forgive me if I don’t post for a few days. It would bore you all to tears anyway. We’ll start back up on Sunday or Monday when the journey resumes.


4 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs!

  1. No photo this time! Love seeing your images, Duds, and yet I can indeed imagine you back in your old stomping grounds. Have a great weekend — my 25th reunion was a pure love-fest — so much fun to see so many folks from so long ago and have great conversations all around. Enjoy!

  2. i’m glad you’re in Saratoga Springs!!!! It is fun to see all of the old friends
    from college. Enjoy your reunion and give laura a big hug for me when
    you see her tomorrow. love, y

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