Eastward Ho!

Crisis! Only one beer left and you can’t buy any in Minnesota on a Sunday. After I secured a campsite I found a bait & tackle/general store in Jacobson. When I saw the padlock on the beer fridge, my first thought was, wow, they must have a shoplifting problem. I went to the counter and asked about buying a six-pack. “Nope,” was the answer and then it dawned on me. Oh well. I’m sipping this last one real slow.

Got rolling early this morning and left the peaceful grassy hill in Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park while the Swiss couple slept. Back on I-94 East. A straight shot into Fargo. Lots of open space and little lakes and swampy areas. I’m no ornithologist, but there seemed to be a lot of low flying ducks working very hard to stay aloft. I had to veer around a turtle that was making its way across the two lanes. I hope he made it. Saw a gray wolf that didn’t make it splayed out on the side of the road. I didn’t know NoDak had wolves but google informed me there was a healthy population (except for that one).

Stopped in Fargo briefly and stretched the legs and then off the interstate and over the border into Minnesota. Lots of trees, lakes, and three-wheeled ATVs. Appears to be the preferred local means of transportation.

Hay Lake State Campground is home for the night. It’s pretty, but mosquitoey. I remember hearing somewhere the mosquito is Minnesota’s state bird.

Tomorrow Wisconsin & Michigan!


Eastward Ho!

8 thoughts on “Eastward Ho!

  1. Mom and I read the blog together tonight. Glad you are headed through Mosquito Land on your own–remember when we stayed in the Sierras that one time and I was attacked ruthlessly by those mosquitos? Sorry about the beer–truly a crisis. Drive on!

  2. I hate to say it but mosquitoes extend all the way to CT. Am enjoying reading about your adventures. Great photos too.

  3. I feel compelled to say “say ya to da UP, eh?” which is the Upper Peninsulaian version of an old Michigan marketing campaign , “Say YES to Michigan.” But I don’t know – are you headed to the UP and the Seney Stretch?? Or taking the ol ferry across the big water from Mikwaukee?? I shall read on…..

  4. Many pics from MI, please!! I feel it’s my duty as a native to recommend driving down the west coast and stopping at Sleeping Bear Dunes, preferably with a bag of cherries from Traverse City and a bathing suit for the end of the Sahara-like hike:) Also maybe a stop at Tahquamenon Falls?

  5. As another Michigander, I just want to hear about how the Mackinac Bridge struck your fancy, as a Golden Gate kinda guy….

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